Mike Eskandari vs. Robert Mizrachi

Jul 16, 2022

Mike Eskandari
Photo:  Mike Eskandari

Mike Vanier raises from the cutoff to 225,000, Leon Sturm calls from the button, Mike Eskandari calls from the small blind, and Robert Mizrachi calls from the big blind.

All four players check to the turn on a board of Heart KDiamond 9Club 9Club J, and Eskandari bets 500,000. Mizrachi calls, and the other two players fold.

The river card is the Spade 3, Eskandari bets 700,000, and Mizrachi calls. Eskandari turns over Club QClub 10 for a king-high straight, and Mizrachi shows one card — the Heart 9 for trip nines — before he mucks. Eskandari wins the pot.

Mike Eskandari  –  4,900,000  (49 bb)
Robert Mizrachi  –  9,100,000  (91 bb)

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