Mike Linster Doubles Thru Dan Murariu

Nov 6, 2014

Mike Linster
Dan Murariu raises to 10,000 in the cutoff, Mike Linster (pictured) calls from the small blind and Frederic Maniez calls from the big blind.

The flop falls [Qh10h10d] and Linster checks to Maniez who leads for 10,000. Murariu raises to 32,000, Linster and Maniez both call and the [2h] lands on the turn.

Action checks to Murariu and he bets 62,000. Linster tanks for almost three minutes before he check-raises all in for 172,500. Maniez mulls it over briefly before he folds, while Murariu tosses in a chip to call.

Murariu:  [Ah5h]
Linster:  [Qc10c]

Murariu turns the ace-high flush, but is drawing dead against Linster’s flopped full house. The meaningless [2d] river secures the double for Linster.

Mike Linster  –  474,000  (94 bb)
Dan Murariu  –  108,000  (21 bb)

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