Mike Sexton Doubles Through Brian Yoon

Feb 29, 2020

Mike Sexton

Brian Yoon raises to 1,200 from early position, WPT Champions Club member Mike Sexton (pictured) calls from middle position and Eric Fields calls in the big blind.

The flop is Club QDiamond 9Spade 9 and action checks to Sexton who bets 1,200. Only Yoon calls.

The turn is the Club 8 and both players check.

The river is the Club 5, Yoon checks, Sexton bets 5,000, Yoon check-raises to effectively 23,400 and Sexton calls all in.

Yoon shows Club 10Club 9 for a flush, but Sexton tables Heart 5Spade 5 for fives full of nines to double up.

Mike Sexton – 54,000
Brian Yoon – 27,000

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