Mike Sexton Eliminated by Mike Eskandari

Feb 27, 2016

Mike Sexton

Jason Wheeler raises from under the gun, Mike Eskandari calls from middle position, John Racener calls from the cutoff, and WPT Commentator Mike Sexton (pictured) calls from the big blind.

The flop is Diamond QSpade 5Diamond 3 and Wheeler continues for 2,300. Eskandari and Racener both call before Sexton raises all in for 10,475. Wheeler folds, Eskandari reraises all in for 16,475, and Racener calls after a little while.

Eskandari:  Heart 3Club 3
Racener:  Diamond 5Diamond 4
Sexton:  Heart QHeart J

Eskandari leads with a set of threes and holds up through the Club 9 turn and Club K river to win the pot and eliminate Sexton.

Mike Eskandari  –  53,000  (106 bb)
John Racener  –  18,000  (36 bb)
Mike Sexton  –  Eliminated

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