Mike Vanier vs. Mike Eskandari

Jul 16, 2022

Mike Vanier
Photo:  Mike Vanier

Mike Eskandari raises from the cutoff to 225,000, and Mike Vanier calls from the big blind.

Both players check to the turn on a board of Club AClub 5Club 4Diamond 3, Vanier checks, Eskandari bets 300,000, and Vanier calls.

The river card is the Diamond 7, and both players check. Eskandari shows Heart ADiamond A for a set of aces, but Vanier turns over Heart JHeart 2 to win the pot with a five-high straight.

Mike Vanier  –  5,200,000  (52 bb)
Mike Eskandari  –  4,400,000  (44 bb)

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