Mikolaj Zawadzki Eliminated in 8th Place ($8,161)

Jul 30, 2020

It’s all over for Mikolaj Zawadzki after back-to-back losses that saw him lose a three-outer against Klas Simon Lofberg for the majority of it. He then gets the last big blind and change in on the button with Spade ADiamond 2. Both Sam Trickett in the small and Eugenio Peralta in the big blinds want in too, with Trickett raising it up and Peralta calling the 1,000,000 bet to see an Diamond AHeart AHeart 9 flop.

Trickett has Spade KSpade 10 and Peralta has Club AClub 10. There is no betting at this point and the Heart 9 turn gives both Peralta and Zawadzki a full house. Trickett check-calls 500,000 and the river incredibly comes Heart 10 – one of only 2 outs that will see Zawadzki out the door and he busts in 8th place.

Eugenio Peralta – 11.6 million
Sam Trickett – 6.2 million
Mikolaj Zawadzki – Eliminated

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