Miller and Buonanno With Two Pair

Sep 9, 2014

Ori Miller opens to 48,000, in the cutoff, and Antonio Buonanno defends the big blind. The flop is [Kd] [Jd] [5h] and Buonanno check-calls a 58,000 bet by Miller. Both players check through the [9d] on the turn, before the pair see the [Tc] on the river. Buonanno decides to lead for 63,000 and Miller calls.


Miller: [Kc] [5c]
Buonanno: [Ts] [5s]

Both players have two pair, but Miller’s is stronger.

A nice few hands for Ori Miller.

Miller ~ 1,900,000
Buonanno ~ 700,000

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