Miller Doubles Through Christner

Sep 9, 2014

Ori Miller The hand seems to be petering out when it folds through to Ori Miller, in the small blind. He completes the action, Christian Christner raises to 65,000 and Miller makes the call.

Flop: [Ac] [Qh] [Js]

Miller checks the option to Christner, and he bets 81,000. Back to Miller and he check-raises to 194,000. All eyes back on Christner, and he makes it 318,000; Miller calls.

Turn: [Kh]

Miller checks, Christner moves all-in (and has Miller covered) and Miller makes the call.


Miller: [Tc] [9d]
Christner: [6h] [3h]

Miller is ahead with the straight, and Christner is hoping a heart will flutter out of the deck.

River: [Qc]

Miller moves up to 1,700,000 and Christner is pegged down to 420,000.

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