Miller v Gromov

Sep 9, 2014

Ori Miller opens to 40,000 from early position, Dmitry Gromov three-bets to 101,000, from the button, and Miller makes the call.

Flop: [Kc] [Jc] [5c]

Miller check-calls a 100,000 Gromov bet.

Turn: [6h]

Both players check.

River: [Ts]

Miller checks and Gromov bets 235,000 (half of Miller’s stack). Miller takes a moment to ponder his decision before calling – and it’s good. Miller shows [Ad] [Jd] for second pair, and Gromov shows [As] [8c] for the bluff.

Miller ~ 1,149,000
Gromov ~1,100,000 

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