Mimi Luu Eliminated by WPT Champion Harry Arutyunyan

May 27, 2017

Mimi Luu

Three players at Table 39 see a flop of Spade 9Heart 9Heart 7, WPT Champions Club member Harry Arutyunyan checks UTG+1, Mimi Luu (pictured) checks from middle position, and another player checks from late position.

The turn card is the Diamond 6, Arutyunyan checks, and Luu moves all in for 3,550. The late-position player folds, and Arutyunyan calls with Club 10Club 7 for two pair, nines and sevens, and a gutshot straight draw. Luu turns over Diamond QDiamond 10 for the same gutshot straight draw and one live overcard.

The river card is the Heart 3, and Arutyunyan wins the pot to eliminate Luu.

Harry Arutyunyan  –  27,500  (138 bb)
Mimi Luu  –  Eliminated

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