Mimi Luu Wins WPTDS Thunder Valley ($85,900) - James Maxey Eliminated in Second Place ($58,125)

Apr 17, 2017

Mimi Luu Wins WPTDS Thunder Valley!

James Maxey moves all in preflop on the button, and Mimi Luu (pictured) calls to cover him. The two players then flip over their cards.

Luu: Club 9Spade 9
Maxey: Club KClub 5

Board: Club QDiamond 10Spade 2Heart 4Club 8

Maxey is eliminated in second place, good for $58,125. Luu wins the hand, and the tournament, with pocket nines. In addition to her share of the prize money, Luu takes home the WPTDS trophy, her first WPTDS title, and a $3,000 WPTDS Championship package for the WPTDS Championship that will take place right here at Thunder Valley Casino Resort in December.

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