Molson Runs Queens into Kings, But Finds Help

Feb 21, 2016

Will Molson busted earlier today versus Shyam Srinivasan, and just now he seemed to be headed for the exit again, but he found a bit of luck on the turn.

After unknown action we saw Molson all in from the big blind for 22,650 and the action was on the player in the cutoff. This player had 3,500 invested already, but eventually he folded. Maria Parlatore was next to act on the button, and with 8,500 already out in front of her she made the call.

Parlatore: Diamond KSpade K
Molson: Diamond QClub Q

The flop brought out Club ASpade 10Club 8 and things were looking bleak for Molson, until the Heart Q hit on the turn.

“Oh my god!” Parlatore yelled, in shock of the turn card.

The river completed the board with the Spade 3 and Molson more than doubled up.

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