Monster Pot Leads to Monster Controversy

Feb 28, 2016

WPTDS Big Stax
With 300,000 in the middle on a board reading Diamond KClub KHeart 10Heart 9Club A a raising war broke out between Tom Thomas and John Bilello, as the two engaged with each other blind versus blind. When the dust settled it was Tom Thomas all in for what he thought was his last 1,620,000. Bilello tables Diamond 10Club 10 but is not happy to see Thomas table Diamond ASpade K.

Somewhere during the counting of the stacks, Thomas is convinced the dealer pulled an extra 200,000 of the top of his stack and put it into the middle, resulting in him being shorted 200,000.

The tournament staff was called over and quickly settled the matter by checking the tapes and it was ruled that Thomas was correct. The stacks were counted down and Thomas doubles up to 3,690,000 while Bilello is left with just 360,000.

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