Monster Stack for Luc Glodt

Jan 12, 2020

Luc Glodt

Luc Glodt looks like a very happy man right now – he is sat with a little over 600k, which is four times the average stack.

He kindly recounted to the hand that got him to where he is now:

Glodt (table chip leader at the time) opened under the gun to 5,000 and under the gun +1 (second in chips at the table) three-bet to 15,000. Glodt called and they saw a Diamond 10Diamond 6Spade 3 flop.

Glodt check-raised the 50,000 continuation bet to 135,000 and his opponent committed the rest. It was a snap-call from Glodt and they turned over their cards.

Luc Glodt: Pocket-tens
Opponent: Pocket-kings

It was set vs overpair and Glodt needed to fade two kings in order to win the huge pot. The Spade 5Spade 4 completed the board and Glodt took the lot.

After starting the day as chip leader, Glodt is probably still in the top spot now.

Luc Glodt – 610,000

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