More Controversy as Steve Sung Doubles Thru Men Nguyen

Jul 25, 2018

Steve Sung Steve Sung

Steve Sung raises to 75,000 from the cutoff and Men Nguyen calls from the big blind. The flop comes down Diamond JSpade JClub 8 and Nguyen checks. Sung bets 100,000, Nguyen check-raises to 215,000 and Sung calls after using a time-extension chip.

The turn is the Heart 6, Nguyen bets 225,000, and Sung uses another time extension-chip before he raises all in for 435,000. Nguyen calls, dropping in two T100,000 blue chips, and Sung tables the Diamond AClub J for trip jacks. The players look to Nguyen, however, the two chips Nguyen had just called with are now back in his hand.

“You called,” says Sung. “That’s why I turned over my hand.”

“I no do nothing,” says Nguyen.

“Menski, you really trying this on me right now?” asks Sung. “We’ve known each other a long time, don’t pull this sh*t on me.”

“I no do nothing!” yells Nguyen. “I bet $1,000.”

“I’ll bet the prize pool on it!” says Sung, pointing at the tournament clock that displays the prize pool.

Men Nguyen

By this point, tournament staff is aware of the situation and are checking the cameras to verify Nguyen’s actions.

“If you wrong, you apologize,” Nguyen says to Sung.

“Fine,” says Sung. “You apologize if you’re wrong.”

About 90 seconds later, Nguyen is informed by the tournament staff that he did, in fact, drop in the chips to call and must call.

“You’re wrong,” says a peeved Nguyen, as he’s told to turn his hand over.

“Are you live?” asks Sung.

“I’m live!” shouts Nguyen.

Nguyen shows the Diamond 9Spade 7 for an open-ended straight draw. The river is the Spade 6, which is safe for Sung to double up.

After the hand, the beers at Nguyen’s cocktail table were removed and he was cut off from further adult beverages.

Steve Sung – 1,495,000 (50 bb)
Men Nguyen – 2,200,000 (73 bb)

Men Nguyen

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