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Sep 30, 2018

The heads up duel is back to where it started in terms of chips, as Francois Tosques established his solid lead once more.

In a big pot to the Heart 9Diamond 7Spade 5Heart 4 turn, Jaouad Abadi checks and folds to the shove of Tosques.

Tosques raises to 250,000 in the next hand and Abadi calls. The flop comes Club AHeart KDiamond 6 and Abadi check-folds to a bet to drop to around 30 big blinds.

Two hands later, Tosques opens to 250,000 and Abadi three-bets to 600,000 a call follows. Abadi continues for 700,000 on Spade ADiamond 9Club 2 and Tosques quickly surrenders.

Francois Tosques – 9,300,000 (93bb)
Jaouad Abadi – 3,600,000 (36bb)

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