Morgan Wants Moore

Nov 11, 2014

Action sees to be very aggressive pre-flop on Table 11, where the brilliantly-named Byron Sugars is one of five players who call the pre-flop bet of 325 by Mike Sonderriis. the flop of [4d6cKh] leaning the balance of power in a different direction. Riad Kwami leads to 900, and is only called by Brandon Moore and Daniel Morgan. 

The turn of [7d] leads to two checks, but Morgan thinks that is rather rum, and bets 2,000. Both Moore and Kwami call it off. On the river, the [8h] completes the board, and this time, Morgan bets 5,600. A chunky bet, but Moore makes a quick call, putting Kwami off, and he folds. 

Moore: [3d5h] 
Morgan [5h6h] 

Both players fill in the straight, and chop up a good chunk of Kwami’s chip-stack as well as their own.  

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