Muarem Kica Folds Queens Before Shoving 10-6 into Darren Elias's Kings

Oct 23, 2017

Muarem Kica is under the gun, and he asks the dealer to give him pocket kings this hand. When he gets his cards, he raises to 5,100, WPT Champions Club member Darren Elias reraises button to 13,100, and Kica tanks for a while before he calls.

The flop comes X 9X 5X 2 with two spades, Kica checks, Elias bets 12,000, and Kica tanks for a while before he folds X QX Q face up to the astonishment of the other players at the table.

Darren Elias  – 90,000  (56 bb) 
Muarem Kica  –  80,000  (50 bb)

The next hand, Elias raises from the cutoff to 3,500, and Kica moves all in for about 80,000.

Elias snap-calls with Spade KHeart K, and Kica turns over — Club 10Heart 6.

The board comes Spade 4Spade 2Diamond 2Club 8Heart 4, and the pocket kings hold up for Elias to win the pot and eliminate Kica from the tournament. Kica, who is normally very talkative, quickly and quietly leaves the area.

Darren Elias  –  175,000  (109 bb)
Muarem Kica  –  Eliminated

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