Mukul Pahuja Gets There

Apr 25, 2015

Mukul Pahuja
(some action recapped to us by Darren Rabbinowitz)

Darren Rabbinowitz opens from under the gun, Season XII WPT Player of the Year Mukul Pahuja three-bets from the hijack, the player in the big blind four-bets, Rabbinowitz folds, and Pahuja calls.

The flop is Aclub9diamond5heart, the player in the big blind bets, and Pahuja calls.

The turn is the Kdiamond, the player in the big blind bets again, and Pahuja calls again.

With about 37,000 in the pot now, the Jdiamond river completes the board. The player in the big blind checks this time and Pahuja bets 21,000.

His opponent calls, but mucks when Pahuja tables 8diamond6diamond for a flush.

Mukul Pahuja – 83,000 (553 bb)

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