Mukul Pahuja Out in 104th Place ($6,868)

Sep 17, 2014

Mukul Pahuja
There are already a couple hundred thousand chips in the pot and the board reads [Qh5c3s2s7s] when Yervand Boyadijian moves all-in, having reigning WPT Player of the Year Mukul Pahuja’s remaining 210,000 or so well-covered.

Pahuja takes a minute, then calls.

Boyadijian triumphantly turns over [AsJs] for the rivered nut flush, while Pahujashows his losing [5s5d] for a set of fives. Pahuja is eliminated, while Boyadijian jumps to the top of the counts as the first player to cross the million-chip mark.

Yervand Boyadijian – 1,050,000 (131 bb)
Mukul Pahuja – Eliminated in 104th place ($6,868)

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