Mulhall Makes Them Pay

Nov 13, 2014

It’s OK having quality hands in poker, but the real trick is get a worse hand to pay you off.  Dominic Mulhall, already with a good stack, found himself in a great position pre-flop to do so.

One player opened to 1,000, another raised to 4,000 and got a caller before Dominic re-raised it to 15,000 from a 40,000 stack. One player decided to shove all-in with [QdQc] and Dominic was the only caller, turning over [AdAs], which held through the [Th4h8s5d4s] board to give Mulhall an 80,000 stack.  

Average is around 36,000, as players head for their second break of the day. 

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