Nader Arfai Doubles Thru Jeremy Kottler

Aug 29, 2022

Nader Arfai
Photo:  Nader Arfai

Nader Arfai raises UTG+1 to 800, the player in the hijack calls, and the player in the cutoff reraises to 2,700. Jeremy Kottler four-bets it from the button to 5,900, Arfai calls, the hijack folds, and the cutoff thinks for a while before he also calls.

Three players to the flop, which comes Heart KHeart 8Diamond 7. Arfai bets 16,000, the cutoff folds, and Kottler moves all in.

Arfai quickly calls all in for 38,800 with Spade 8Diamond 8 for a flopped set of eights, and Kottler turns over Spade ADiamond K for a pair of kings. Arfai needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn card is the Club Q, the river card is the Spade K, and Arfai wins the pot with a full house, eights full of kings, to double up in chips.

Nader Arfai  –  96,900  (323 bb)
Jeremy Kottler  –  5,300  (18 bb)

Jeremy Kottler
Photo:  Jeremy Kottler

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