Nadieliaiev Triples Up

Sep 5, 2014

We just had utter carnage over at Table 5.

The three players in the hand were Andrii Nadieliaiev, Idris Sahin, and Timmofy Vekshin.

With a little help from the table we believe that Vekshin opened the action with a standard raise and four players called.

Flop: [Ah] [Th] [2c]

At this point in the hand we believe Vekshin c-bet to 1,700, Nadieliaiev called, Sahin raised to 9,200, Vekshin called, Nadieliaiev moved all-in for 26,700 and both players called.

Turn: [5s]

Sahin moved all-in for 32,800 and after several minutes in the tank Vekshin made the call.


Nadieliaiev: [Ac] [Ad]
Sahin: [As] [Ts]
Vekshin: [5h] [3h]

So Nadieliaiev has top set, Sahin has top two pair, and Vekshin is looking for a heart or four.

River: [3s]

The river bricks for Vekshin, Nadieliaiev triples up to around 90,000, Sahin wins the side pot to hover around 66,000, and Vekshin is knocked down to just 23,000.

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