Nam Le Eliminated in 20th Place by Lei Lei

Aug 31, 2022

Nam Le
Photo:  Nam Le

Dillon Najor raises from the cutoff to 85,000, Michael Dyer calls from the button, and WPT Champions Club member Nam Le moves all in from the small blind for 100,000.

Lei Lei reraises from the big blind to 515,000, and Najor folds. Dyer uses two Time Chips to tank for more than a minute before he calls.

There is now 425,000 in the main pot, and another 830,000 in the side pot between Lei and Dyer. Any further betting will go into the side pot.

The flop comes Heart 8Heart 4Spade 2, Lei checks, Dyer bets 410,000, and Lei check-raises all in. Dyer folds, and Lei takes the side pot worth 1,650,000.

For the main pot, Nam Le turns over Heart ADiamond K for ace high, and he needs to improve to stay alive against Lei’s Club KClub 4 (pair of fours).

The turn card is the Club 10, the river card is the Club 5, and Lei wins the pot with a pair of fours to eliminate Nam Le in 20th place.

Lei Lei  –  3,300,000  (83 bb)
Nam Le  –  Eliminated in 20th Place  ($24,600)

Lei Lei
Photo:  Lei Lei

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