Nathan Russler Doubles Thru Brandon Hall; Hall Down to 2 Big Blinds

Jan 30, 2020

Nathan Russler

Brandon Hall raises under the gun to 130,000, Larry Abrams calls from the button, and Nathan Russler (pictured) reraises from the small blind to 430,000. Hall uses one of his Time Chips to tank for nearly a minute before he calls, and Abrams quickly folds.

The flop comes Heart 10Heart 5Spade 3, Russler bets 375,000, and Hall thinks for a while before he moves all in for 3,225,000.

Russler quickly calls all in for 3,080,000 with Spade 10Diamond 10 for a set of tens, and Hall turns over Heart AClub A for a pair of aces.

The turn card is the Spade 4, the river card is the Club 9, and Russler wins the pot with his set of tens to double up in chips, knocking Hall down to less than three big blinds.

Nathan Russler  –  7,270,000  (121 bb)
Brandon Hall  –  145,000  (2 bb)

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