Nenad Cvetkovic Doubles Through Greg Fishberg

Feb 28, 2016

Nenad Cvetkovic
Andy Santiago raises to 65,000 from under the gun and Nenad Cvetkovic calls. Greg Fishberg reraises to 265,000 and the action folds back to Santiago who calls. Cvetkovic calls and they go three handed to the Club 3Diamond 4Spade 6 flop. Both players check and Fishberg bets 455,000.

Santiago folds and Cvetkovic moves all in for his last 955,000. Fishberg has the dealer pull in the chips and asks for a count. After thinking it over for a bit Fishberg slides out a call and the hands are shown.

Fishberg: Spade ASpade Q
Cvetkovic: Spade 5Diamond 5

Fishberg shows ace queen high and will need to improve against the pair and open ended straight draw of Cvetkovic. The turn Heart 10X X and river Club K are no help to Fishberg and Cvetkovic doubles up.

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