Nenad Cvetkovic Doubles Through John Lee

Feb 29, 2016

The action folds to John Lee in the cutoff and he moves all in for his last 1,300,000. Nenad Cvetkovic reshove all in from the small blind for 840,000. Andy Santiago folds his big blind and the hands are revealed.

Lee: Spade AHeart 6
Cvetkovic: Heart ASpade J

The dealer fans a flop of Spade KDiamond 3Club 3 and Cvetkovic remains in the lead. “Give me a six” Lee shouts to the dealer as the Diamond 6 spikes on the turn. Cvetkovic shakes his head in disbelief but his disappointed doesn’t last long when the Heart J hits the river. The table erupts in excitement and Cvetkovic scoops the pot earning the double up.

Nenad Cvetkovic- 1,750,000
John Lee- 460,000

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