Ben Warrington Action is happening on every table here at Dusk til Dawn, so we took a whizz around the best of it to bring you the update on some of the biggest names sitting down here in the £1million guaranteed WPT500.

Ben Warrington (pictured, above) managed to find the fold button in an inflated pot at his table, between Konrad Abela and Kyle Swan, the latter winning a onster pot when managing to get a further 9,000 from Abela on a board of [9cQsAd3s5d] with [9d9c]. 

Danny Blair dropped a little upon entry, but he’s managed to chip up a bit more, to edge back past the starting stack of 30,000, mainly due to a big raise pre-flop using table position to push his table-neighbour around. 

And Ali Mallu has busted Bashrat  ‘Bash’ Mahmood after all the chips went in on a flop of [Qc5c7d] Ali flipped [AdKs] and ‘Bash’ [KcJc], the board running out [Kd] [9s] to leave the latter bashed and Mallu up to 54,000. the average in chips is currently 48,666. 

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