Nicholas Gerrity Gets the Best of Ray Qartomy

Sep 17, 2014

Nicholas Gerrity raises to 26,000 from early position and Ray Qartomy calls from the cutoff. The two see a flop of [10s8s7h] and Gerrity checks. Qartomy bets 50,000 and Gerrity calls.

The turn is the [4c]. Gerrity checks, Qartomy bets 100,000, and Gerrity calls.

The river brings the [Qh]. This time, Gerrity bets out, wagering 145,000. Qartomy calls immediately.

Gerrity turns over [Qd10d] for a rivered two pair, queens and tens. A visibly frustrated Qartomy shows that he flopped two pair with [8c10c].

Nicholas Gerrity – 835,000  (70 bb)
Ray Qartomy – 395,000 (33 bb)

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