Nick Grippo Extends His Chip Lead

Aug 25, 2014

A player in middle position raises to 2,300 and chip leader Nick Grippo calls in position.

The flop comes [Ks8s4d] and the middle position player bets 3,000. Grippo calls.

The turn is the [7h]. The middle position player checks, Grippo bets 6,000, and the other player calls.

The river brings the [Kh]. The player in middle position bets 6,000. Grippo takes a minute, then makes it 40,000 to play. His opponent thinks for a minute or two, then calls.

Grippo turns over [7c7d] for sevens full of kings and his opponent mucks.

Will Failla, who is seated at the table, yells out, "Someone over here is winning a pair of headphones," referring to the Monster DNA Pro headphones that will be awarded to the end of day chip leader.

Nick Grippo – 273,000

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