Nick Grippo's Kings Cracked by Chris Tolone's Queens

Aug 27, 2014

Nick Grippo (cutoff) and Chris Tolone (button) get in a preflop raising war until they are both all in with big chip stacks — Grippo has about 400,000, and Tolone has more than 500,000.

Grippo turns over [KcKs], and Tolone winces and turns over his [QcQh]. Grippo needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The board comes [Qd8d6dJdQs] — Tolone flops a set of queens, and rivers quads to win the pot.

Day 1 chipleader Nick Grippo is eliminated in one of the final few hands of the night as Chris Tolone catapults into the chip lead with about a million in chips.

Chris Tolone  –  982,500  (196 bb)
Nick Grippo  –  Eliminated

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