Nick Palma Doubles Through Elliot Smith

Oct 31, 2018

Elliot Smith Nick Palma

From the hijack, Elliot Smith (pictured left) raises to 1,100 before Nick Palma (pictured right) three-bets next to act to 3,500. Once the action returns to Smith, he makes it 21,100 to go before Palma moves all in for 22,100 total and Smith calls.

Smith: Club ADiamond K
Palma: Spade JDiamond J

In a classic race for Palma’s tournament life, the Club JDiamond 10Club K flop gave him a stronger hold on the hand.

The turn of the Diamond 6, and the river of the Diamond 8 ensures Palma of a double.

Nick Palma – 45,200
Elliot Smith – 66,000

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