Nicolas Chouity Eliminated by Aleksey Arakelov

Sep 5, 2014

Nicolas Chouity We join the action on a flop of [Qc] [6c] [4h]. The two players in the hand are Nicolas Chouity and Aleksey Arakelov, and Chouity is calling a 5,000 bet. The turn is the [2s], Chouity checks, Arakelov bets 8,000, Chouity moves all-in and his opponent calls.

We have a showdown with Chouity at risk.


Arakelov: [9h] [6h]
Chouity: [Js] [Jh]

Chouity is well head, but the [9c] hits the river to hand Arakelov two-pair and a shocked Chouity is out.

Arakelov ~ 90,000

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