Nicolas Chouity Out in 3rd ($140,000)

Sep 10, 2014

Nicolas Chouity min raises the button, Champions Club member, Dmitry Gromov, three-bets to 550,000, from the small blind, and Chouity calls.

Flop: [Kh] [9h] [5s]

Gromov bets 620,000, and Chouity calls.

Turn: [3s]

Gromov checks, Chouity bets 950,000, Gromov moves all-in and Chouity snap-calls.


Gromov: [2c] [2h]
Chouity: [Ks] [Qs]

Gromov has been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Chouity has top pair, and the flush draw, and that means only the [2d] will prevent our Champions Club member from being crippled.

The dealer puts the river card on the felt, and it’s the [2d]!

Chouity rips his cap from his head and slams it onto the table in utter despair.

“He had one out! He had one out!” Says Chouity.

The stacks are counted and Gromov has Chouity covered. The starting day chip leader is out and the two Russians will square off in heads-up action.

Gromov ~ 9,040,000
Lakhov ~ 3,085,000

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