We have mentioned the names of last year’s one-two: Alexey Rybin and Albert Daher, but we haven’t mentioned the player who finished third. That man was Andrei Nikonov and here he is in action.

Nikonov opens to 1,200 in midfield, Chaz Chattha flats on the button and the big blind also calls. The flop is [7d] [5d] [5s], the big blind checks, Nikonov bets 2,000, Chattha folds, the big blind clicks it back to 4,000, and Nikonov calls.

The turn card is the [2s], the big blind bets 3,500 and Nikonov once again calls. The river card is the [Jc] and this time both players check. Nikonov waits patiently for his opponent to reveal his hand; it’s [Ad] [2d] and it’s good enough to win a decent sized pot.

Nikonov ~ 44,000

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