No Value on the River for Boujenah

Sep 6, 2014

Ilan Boujenah opens to 350 in early position and receives three callers.

Flop: [Ad] [Js] [4d]

The action checks to Boujenah, who bets 600, and only the player seated in the big blind makes the call.

Turn: [6s]

The big blind check-calls a 1,500 double barrel from Boujenah.

River: [5d]

The big blind checks, Boujenah bets 3,500 and the big blind folds.

“You are too good my friend. You call when you have it, and you fold when you don’t.” Said Boujenah before flashing [Kd] [Td] for the nuts.

Boujenah ~ 36,000

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