Noah Schwartz Sends One Home

Mar 7, 2016

Noah Schwartz
On a flop of Heart 4Spade 3Heart 2, Ravi Raghavan checks from the small blind and the big blind checks as well. Middle position bets 800 and the cutoff raises to 5,000. Shooting Star Noah Schwartz is on the button and makes it 12,200. Both blinds fold and middle position goes into the tank for several minutes.

Eventually, middle position moves all in for about 35,000 and the cutoff folds. Schwartz calls and the cards are tabled. Middle position flopped the wheel with Diamond AHeart 5 and is in the lead against Schwartz’s Heart 6Heart 3, good for a pair, a straight draw and a flush draw.

The turn is the Heart 10 and Schwartz doesn’t wait long to take the lead. He turns a flush and leaves his opposition drawing dead. The river is an irrelevant Spade A and Scwhartz takes the pot, vaulting up the chip counts in the process.

Noah Schwartz – 83,000

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