Noonan Outrun By Hamid

Nov 16, 2014

Matthew Noonan might well feel he has the right to run better at this WPT500 tournament. We’ve seen him all-in a lot, and usually with a decent stack. It somehow then gets decimated, and he has to build it all back up from scratch. This has been going on for days now, and he’s still here. As far as he sees it, that’s the only plus to take from it! 

All-in with [AhKs] against Hamid Rowshanael’s [KcTc] the flop comes [JhQcJd] and Noonan stays ahead. On the [Th] turn, Noonan hits Broadway…but on the [Td] river he is sensationally beaten by the full house. 

In the same orbit, Noonan did call a blind-on-blind shove from Dhru Patel with Patel holding [Ah4c] with Noonan short-stacked and unable to fold [KsQh]…spiking the king on the river to survive. 

We’re not sure our hearts can take it, so who knows what his is like! 

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