Oliver Price Out in 11th ($22,500)

Sep 9, 2014

Oliver Price Igor Devkin opens to 40,000, from the cutoff, Nicolas Chouity three-bets to 105,000, from the button and the action comes to Oliver Price in the big blind.

Price slides a four-bet of 240,000 from his stack, Devkin folds and it’s back to Chouity who goes into thought mode. He asks Price for a chip count but Price doesn’t respond. After a few more seconds Chouity announces he is all-in and Price snap-calls.


Chouity: [Ah] [Ks]
Price: [Qh] [Qs]

A flip for the chip lead.

The dealer pushes the first three cards onto the flop and they are all diamonds.

Flop: [Qd] [Td] [5d]

Both players instantly check their cards to see if they have a diamond (neither has). Price has flopped top set, but there is a Broadway straight draw for Chouity.

Turn: [Jd]

Chouity gets there, but Price still has outs to win outright, and split the pot.

River: [6s]

The river bricks for Price and he is out in 11th place. Chouity takes the chip lead with 2.5m and we are down to our unofficial final table of 10.

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