Oliver Price Wins a $1.2m Chip Pot

Sep 9, 2014

Oliver Price We join the action on a flop of [Jh] [8s] [7d] with 80,000 in the pot and three players in the hand.

Oliver Price checks out of the small blind, Antonio Buonanno bets 35,000 from early position, Evgeniy Starikov flats on the button, before Price check-raises to 80,000.

“I’m all-in.,” says Buonanno.

Starikov folds and Price checks his cards before making the call.


Price: [Ts] [9s]
Buonanno: [Kd] [Kc]

Price is going to be our new chip leader. The [6c] and [8h] completes the action and Price moves up to 1,266,000; meanwhile Buonanno is down to 542,000.

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