Onofrio Reina Sextuples Up to 40,000

Jan 30, 2014

Keith Crowder raises under the gun, Onofrio Reina calls all in from middle position for 2,000, and David Paredes calls from the big blind.

Reina qualifies for the main pot of 40,000, and there is a side pot between Crowder and Paredes.

The flop comes [9s5c4h], Paredes checks, Crowder bets 26,000, and Paredes folds. Crowder takes the side pot.

Crowder shows [10h9h] for a pair of nines, and Reina turns over [8h5d] for a pair of fives. Reina will need to improve to stay alive.

The turn is the [8s], the river is the [7d], and Reina wins the pot with two pair, eights and fives to sextuple his chip stack.

Onofrio Reina  –  40,000  (1 bb)
Keith Crowder  –  2,280,000  (76 bb)

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