Owen Crowe Doubles Thru Michael Kamran

Aug 26, 2014

The player under the gun opens to 10,000, Jeremy Kottler calls from the next seat over, Owen Crowe three-bets to 32,500 from middle position and Michael Kamran four-bets to 63,000 from the small blind.

Action folds to Crowe who five-bets to 108,500. Kamran six-bet shoves for effectively 318,000 and Crowe calls.

Crowe: [AdAs]
Kamran: [10s10d]

The board runs out [5s4s2h2s7d], no help to Kamran, giving Crowe the double up and the chip lead.

Owen Crowe – 665,000 (166 bb)
Michael Kamran – 175,000 (43 bb)

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