Owen Crowe vs. Harut Arutyunyan

Aug 27, 2014

After a flop of [7d7h3h], Shawn Pilot checks the big blind, and Harut Arutyunyan bets 17,000 under the gun. Owen Crowe calls from the button, and Pilot folds.

The turn card is the [2d], Arutyunyan bets 24,000, and Crowe calls. The river card is the [4c], and both players check.

Arutyunyan shows [Ah10d] for ace high, but Crowe turns over [6c6h] to win the pot with two pair, sevens and sixes.

Owen Crowe  –  730,000  (121 bb)
Harut Arutyunyan  –  340,000  (56 bb)

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