Panyak Re-Enters Before Tussling With Rybin

Sep 5, 2014

Maxim Panyak has just re-entered, and wasted little time getting into the action.

He opens to 1,100 from the cutoff and the reigning champion, Alexey Rybin, defends the big blind.

Flop: [9d] [7d] [6d]

Rybin check-calls a 1,600 Panyak bet.

Turn: [6c]

Rybin check-calls a 3,200 Panyak bet.

River: [Kd]

The dreaded fourth diamond.

Rybin leads for 5,500 and Panyak makes the call. Rybin tosses his hand into the muck and Panyak shows [Qd] [Jd] for the flopped flush.

Panyak ~ 41,000
Rybin ~ 33,000

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