Parlatore Sent Packing

Feb 22, 2016

“I run so bad,” Maria Parlatore sighed, as she headed for the exit after losing the following pots.

First we saw a Ryan Yu raise to – what looked like – 5,200 and Parlatore moved all in for just 5,600. A third player called, and Yu called after getting confirmed that he couldn’t put in another raise.

The flop brought out Diamond 10Heart 9Heart 5 and the big blind lead out for 6,000.

“All in,” Yu announced, and his opponent sighed and folded.

“I only have queen high,” Yu said, and that made the player that folded sigh even louder.

Yu: Club QSpade J
Parlatore: Club ASpade Q

The board ran out Club JClub 8 and the pot was chopped as both players hit a straight. Parlatore complained out her luck, but it was the eight on the river that saved her after Yu hit a pair on the turn on top of his straight draw.

On the very next hand Parlatore moved all in again, this and this time it was Malkiel Berlianshik who called from the big blind.

Berlianshik: Diamond KHeart 6
Parlatore: Diamond ADiamond 5

The board ran out Heart KDiamond 6Spade QSpade 9Spade 3 and Parlatore seemed very disappointed as she left the tournament room. Berlianshik sits on around 270,000 chips and is one of the biggest stacks in the room.

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