Patrick Curzio Cracks Aces

Feb 27, 2016

Patrick Curzio
We caught up to the action on a flop of Spade 4Heart 3Club 5. Patrick Curzio has a bet of 5,500 in front of him and his opponent raises to 17,000. Curzio thinks it over for a bit and moves all in. His opponent quickly calls for his last 53,000 and the hands are revealed.

Curzio: Heart 4Club 4
Opponent: Heart ASpade A

Curzio is in great shape to eliminate his opponent and scoop a massive pot here in the early levels. The turn brings the Spade 6 and the Spade 5 completes the board improving Curzio to a full house. Curzio scoops the pot and shoots to the top of the chip counts sending his opponent to the rail in the process.

Patrick Curzio- 140,000

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