Patrick Wall Eliminated in 5th Place ($14,185)

Aug 28, 2017


Tony Piscitelli limps in from middle position, Jeff Farnes completes the small blind and Patrick Wall (pictured) checks his option in the big blind. The flop is 5h4h3h and Farnes checks. Wall checks and Piscitelli bets 115,000 and Farnes folds.

Wall moves all in for about 850,000 and Piscitelli snap-calls. Piscitelli tables Th8h and has Wall’s 9c5c drawing to runners. The turn is the Ts, leaving Wall drawing dead to the Kc river.

Wall is eliminated in fifth place and earns $14,185 for his finish. Piscitelli wins the pot and retakes the chip lead.

Tony Piscitelli – 2,600,000
Patrick Wall – Eliminated

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