Patrik Antonius Beats Doug Polk to Go to Round 3

Jun 20, 2021

Schermafbeelding 2021-06-21 om 04.12.07

Right after that massive hand, Patrik Antonius and Doug Polk get it in again. Antonius pushes the action shoving the button with Club 8Club 9. Doug Polk makes the quick call for his last ten big blinds with the dominating Diamond 8Club A.

Polk is on the verge of doubling up and getting back to even but the poker gods have something else in mind: Diamond 9Heart KDiamond J on the flop. The Heart J hits the turn and the Club 5 completes the board and that’s it for Polk, eliminated in Round 2.

Patrik Antonius on to Round 3 where he will face off against the winner of the match between Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov and Daniel Dvoress.

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