Paul Tedeschi Eliminated by Aliaksei Boika

Sep 5, 2014

Paul Tedeschi Vyacheslav Stoyanov opens to 2,000 in the hijack, Paul Tedeschi three-bets to 4,600 from the cutoff, Aliaksei Boika cold-four bets to 8,800 from the button and only the diminutive Frenchman makes the call.

The dealer pushes [Tc] [6s] [2c] onto the flop, and both players check. The turn card is the [4h], Tedeschi bets 7,800 and Boika makes the call. The final card is the [9c], Tedeschi moves all-in for 18,000 and Boika snap-calls. The Frenchman tables [Ah] [Ts] for top pair, Boika shows [Ac] [Ad] for the bigger pair, and Tedeschi is out.

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