Pavel Zuev Eliminated by Vyacheslav Stoyanov

Sep 5, 2014

Pavel Zuev has just been eliminated at the hands of Vyacheslav Stoyanov.

We joined the action late, but Dominik Nitsche helped fill in the blanks.

Zuev, who is seated in first position, limps into the pot. Stoyanov is seated in middle position and when the action folds around to him he makes the raise. A few folds later and the player seated in the big blind makes a three-bet. Back to Zuev and he four-bets to 2,600; Stoyanov makes it 7,500, the big blind calls, and Zuev moves all-in for just below starting stack.

Back to Stoyanov, and he also moves all-in, and the big blind folds to leave a heads-up showdown.


Stoyanov: [As] [Ac]
Zuev: [Jc] [Js]

Board: [Th] [7c] [3h] [3d] [Kc]

No jack in the box for Zuev and he is the first player eliminated from this competition. Stoyanov has around 85,000 and the third player in that hand told the table he folded pocket queens.

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